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Coffee Luwak Fatigue When Energy Supplement

Maybe you often sleep deprived and this makes it less excited when I wake from sleep. This is caused by the energy of the body that has not been filled. If you experience this, the following quick tips to get additional energy.

Breakfast with foods rich in fiber make a person more alert. A study at Cardiff University said that the object of study who ate high-fiber cereal in the morning shows the level of fatigue decreased 10 percent. In addition, they also are not prone to depression and cognitive skills increase.

Luwak Coffee Black
Luwak coffee warm fresh dishes certainly help you improve the performance of energy in the morning. Coffee with tasty and delicious dishes to add zest for life that can refresh your beautiful days.

Latte small size
According to experts in sleep, Harris R. Lieberman, PhD, drink coffee 200 grams per hour will help you stay awake, alert and focused than the direct spending a large coffee at once.

Eat more often
If you usually only eat three times a day, then during the energy shortage should you eat more than usual today. However, eat small portions. Each meal should contain some carbohydrate, protein and unsaturated fat.

"Eat small portions periodically during the day, every three to four hours will help your blood sugar awake, so you do not get excessive energy or be greedy," said Kathy McManus, RD, director of the Department of Nutrition at Brigham and Women's Hospital , Boston.

One study reported that women who do brisk walking for 70 minutes a week (10 minutes a day) get 18 percent more energy than those without. They also felt his mind more clear, confident, less pain, able to lift groceries to climbing stairs more easier.

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Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

The Sensational Origin and Processing of Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans

This sensational delicacy originates from the islands of Sulawesi, Sumatra and Java in Indonesia. The unique method of production gives some hint to its rarity and specialty. Asian palm civet is a type of cat-sized mammal native to South-East Asia. Physically, this animal has raccoon-like markings on its face and it possesses a long, stocky body. Regarded as pest by locals, palm civets are well-known tree climbers. They consume the ripest, reddest coffee cherries and this has long been one of their favorite foods. During ingestion, thTautane beans were uniquely fermented by the enzymes present in the stomach of the civet. As the beans remain one or one and a half day in the digestive tract of the civet, they start to germinate. This leads to a significant reduction in the bitterness of the bean. The germination process is referred to as malt, thus it can be said that the civet probably produces malt coffee. As a result of the digestion, a distinctly exotic flavor was added to the beans.

Though excretions are normally passed off as nothing but waste, the excretions from palm civets are converted into the prized Kopi Luwak Coffee as we know of today. The bean-like excretions are normally covered by cherries’ mucilage and gathered by the locals for sale. The best beans are the premium green beans. They are individually separated, washed and dried. Prior to roasting, the beans are stored in a dark, dry location. Very limited supplies are produced each year, enhancing its status as the rarest and most expensive coffee available today.

Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

Wanna Taste the Real Kopi Luwak

Okay, I’ll admit it. I was wrong.

Some time back I got all excited after having Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world. While the real Kopi Luwak IS indeed the most precious and valued coffee bean in the world, the fact that its authenticity is difficult to verify has given rise to people selling fake or diluted coffee at high prices. Sadly, what I had wasn’t the real thing at all!

But now, I’m proud to say that I have tasted the truly authentic Kopi Luwak.

If you’re wondering, what the heck is this “Kopi Luwak”, it is none other than the most extraordinary and expensive coffee in the world. You can hardly find it anywhere, and when you do, the real thing would cost you upward of $50 per cup! I kid you not!

I have your attention now? Good. By the end of this post, you’ll find out how you can get some of these extraordinary coffee for yourself!

Real Kopi Luwak (exotic civet coffee)

Real Kopi Luwak (civet coffee)

Basically, this animal known as the civet eats only the most delicious coffee berries (the same way my cat eats only the most delicious fish). The coffee beans go through a special fermentation process in the creature’s belly, and come out undigested in the poop. Pesky humans then look through the civets’ number twos to collect the precious beans. These are thoroughly cleaned and roasted and sold at astronomical prices.

Civet coffee is produced only in a few parts of Southeast Asia, with just 500 kilograms of it produced worldwide annually. Due to such exclusivity, a pound of it costs between US$100 and US$600, easily making it the most expensive coffee in the world!

Real Kopi Luwak (exotic civet coffee)

Thanks to Alberto Taphanel who is based in Bali, Indonesia, the homeland of Kopi Luwak, I had a chance to taste some of his Real Kopi Luwak. Here’s a little story on how he came to produce his own genuine Kopi Luwak:

The more producers I contacted, the more I realized that around Kopi Luwak industry there is a lot of fraud. Some producers said that they had the most inexpensive Kopi Luwak, others said that they were the only ones who have it or have the purest one. I bought samples of each producer and finally I found out that they were not offering me the real Kopi Luwak. As this coffee is very expensive, many unscrupulous people mix or fake it and the final result is totally different from the original, including the price.

Finally, I reached the conclusion that the only way to have the authentic Kopi Luwak coffee was first to obtain the raw material from the plantations and second, to process and roast it by myself. After many tests, I could obtain the real Kopi Luwak.

Alberto sent us some of his precious Kopi Luwak bean. These arrive in airtight packages. After brewing, there’s this wonderful aroma that permeates the whole house for hours after you have drank all the coffee! So much so that even after I leave the house and come back in the evening, I can still smell it the moment I step through the door. I don’t recall having any other coffee that produces as strong an aroma as this. It’s pretty incredible.

Even Snowy, our family cat, loves the smell of the coffee. We found him sneaking into the kitchen and sniffing the packets of Kopi Luwak many times!

For a coffee that is so strong smelling, it tastes very smooth and light, but still has that rich coffee flavor. You have to taste it for yourself! You can read more about Kopi Luwak and make your purchase at Real Kopi Luwak.

Win the Kopi Luwak for yourself!

For now, Alberto has graciously made available some of these beans to be given out to our readers. Yes, you heard that right. You have the rare opportunity to taste the real 100% Kopi Luwak yourself! Here’s how:

  1. Leave a comment below and shout “I want to taste the real Kopi Luwak!
  2. Bonus chance (Twitter): Follow @Sparklette on Twitter and tweet “Coffee Giveaway at @Sparklette: Taste the real Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world! http://bit.ly/c1P7Uu
  3. Bonus chance (Facebook): ‘Like’ our Facebook Page and leave the Wall comment “I want to taste the real Kopi Luwak!

That’s it! Were you expecting something harder?

3 winners will be drawn randomly, and each wins a 30-gram packet of Kopi Luwak worth SGD40, more than enough for 2-3 cups. Contest ends 2359 hours on May 14, 2010. Good luck!

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