Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Coffee Luwak Fatigue When Energy Supplement

Maybe you often sleep deprived and this makes it less excited when I wake from sleep. This is caused by the energy of the body that has not been filled. If you experience this, the following quick tips to get additional energy.

Breakfast with foods rich in fiber make a person more alert. A study at Cardiff University said that the object of study who ate high-fiber cereal in the morning shows the level of fatigue decreased 10 percent. In addition, they also are not prone to depression and cognitive skills increase.

Luwak Coffee Black
Luwak coffee warm fresh dishes certainly help you improve the performance of energy in the morning. Coffee with tasty and delicious dishes to add zest for life that can refresh your beautiful days.

Latte small size
According to experts in sleep, Harris R. Lieberman, PhD, drink coffee 200 grams per hour will help you stay awake, alert and focused than the direct spending a large coffee at once.

Eat more often
If you usually only eat three times a day, then during the energy shortage should you eat more than usual today. However, eat small portions. Each meal should contain some carbohydrate, protein and unsaturated fat.

"Eat small portions periodically during the day, every three to four hours will help your blood sugar awake, so you do not get excessive energy or be greedy," said Kathy McManus, RD, director of the Department of Nutrition at Brigham and Women's Hospital , Boston.

One study reported that women who do brisk walking for 70 minutes a week (10 minutes a day) get 18 percent more energy than those without. They also felt his mind more clear, confident, less pain, able to lift groceries to climbing stairs more easier.

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